Candyland Printable Escape Room - MysteryLocks Home Escape Rooms
Candyland Printable Escape Room - MysteryLocks Home Escape Rooms

Candyland Printable Escape Room

A fun game designed for children 7 and up with an average playtime of 45 minutes.

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Candyland Printable Escape Room - MysteryLocks Home Escape Rooms

Candyland Printable Escape Room

Regular price $10.00
Sale price $10.00 Regular price
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Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure in Candyland! You'll find yourself lost in a land filled with candy, sweets, and chocolate mountains that will make you feel like you're in a dream. But beware, you're trapped and only have 60 minutes to escape before the whole place becomes a sticky, gooey mess! Can you crack the code to the locker and find your way out before you become a part of the biggest cake ever made? Get your sweet tooth ready and embark on a deliciously fun escape room experience that will challenge and delight kids of all ages!

At MysteryLocks, we pride ourselves on providing fun and easy-to-use printable escape room games. Setting up our games is a breeze - all you need to do is print the documents and cut out the materials, and you'll be ready to go in no time! Plus, our games are incredibly adaptable, so you can customize them to suit the needs of your group.

While an internet connection is not required to play most of our games, some of our games may require it for clues, accessing additional materials, or checking the answers. But don't worry, we'll let you know if an internet connection is necessary before you make your purchase. Our games are designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of technical ability or experience.

The game does not require an Internet connection throughout the game.

The game does require an Internet connection to check the final answer. If you don't have Internet access while playing, you may check the final answer manually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gabriela L

great games, fun and easy to put together

Amanda M

I added a few things to this to make it more challenging but it was a great escape room for a small group summer school.


You can tell that someone put a lot of time & thought into this,but it isn't an escape room. There are puzzles,but you simply lay them out in front of the kids and let them figure it out. They don't really have to search for anything because you hand them everything they need.

Emily C

Cool product!
There seems to be a grammar error in one clue, but overall it's super cute!

Loni F
This looks like a really cute escape room...

This looks like a really cute escape room for younger kids. But I think it's a little too easy and short for 10 year olds. MysterLocks was very understanding and fixed the problem no questions asked. Their customer service is beyond great! Thank you again!

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I have locks, chests, and props on hand. Can I integrate them into the experience?

Other stores do not offer refunds for digital items. Do you follow this policy as well?

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Does the game need to end after 60 minutes?

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