About Us

The story of two Medical Students pursuing their dream.

About MysteryLocks

In 2018, as second-year medical students, Robert and Gabriel embarked on a shared dream. It was the year MysteryLocks came into being. Fast forward to the present, we stand as proud graduates of our medical studies, still fueled by that same dream – to blend our creativity and passion for puzzle games, escape rooms, and board games.

Our very first creation, 'The Carnival of Souls', made its debut and became the first Printable Escape Room available on Etsy. At that time, we were not only the first Etsy store to offer such products, but we were also among the initial online sellers to introduce affordable printable escape rooms to the world.

Fast forward through time and dedication, and we've now crafted over 70 unique games that have found their way to homes worldwide. Alongside these digital adventures, we ventured into the physical realm by designing and manufacturing three captivating murder mystery board games.

And our journey didn't stop there. In 2021, we penned an escape room book, with creative puzzles and compelling storytelling.

As the years rolled on, our goal remains unchanged - to continue innovating in the realm of printable escape rooms, offering fresh experiences to our cherished community.

Proudly in business since 2018

  • Affordable

    Our goal always was to provide the excitement of an Escape Room at a fraction of the price.

  • Innovative

    We strive to provide spectacular storytelling and stunning visuals by using the latest technologies to break the limit of a simple sheet of paper.

  • Personal

    We are personally involved in the design of our games and customer service. Our games are 100% designed and manufactured in-house.

We believe in a world where fun creates bonds and brings people together.

Our games are more than just puzzles and mysteries; they're the threads that weave connections between people.

At MysteryLocks, we firmly believe that shared experiences create lasting bonds. Our games are designed not just to challenge your intellect but to spark laughter, excitement, and collaboration.

Whether it's a group of friends searching for clues in a virtual escape room, a family gathering around a three-dimensional printable escape room, or co-workers unraveling a murder mystery, our games are the catalysts for memorable moments and newfound connections. They transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary adventures, strengthening the ties that bind us.