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Christmas Escape Advent Calendar

A Christmas game designed for families with an average playtime of minutes.

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Christmas Escape Advent Calendar


Dive into holiday magic with our Printable Advent Calendar Escape Room! Unfold a captivating story, solve puzzles, and save Christmas from mischievous forces. Perfect for family fun or solo enjoyment, our printable escape room offers a festive blend of storytelling and brain-teasing challenges. Download, print, and let the adventure begin – the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations!

Set-Up & Materials

Embark on an unforgettable adventure! All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors!
No locks or special equipment is required! Immerse yourself in the thrilling theme of Christmas Escape Advent Calendar, stress-free!
Are you the game master? You can also join the fun! Get ready for an epic challenge full of fun and surprises!

Number of Players & Average Playtime

The game is easy to adapt to any group size based on your needs.
We recommend dividing your group up into teams of 4 players so that everyone has a chance to participate.
Be sure each team is balanced based on the experience level of the players.
The average playtime is minutes, but it can vary based on the team size, and experience of the players.

Included with your purchace

• Ready-to-use game

• Full set-up instructions

• Hints and solutions
• Set-up support
• Live support (during operating hours)
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Set Up and Materials

At MysteryLocks, we pride ourselves on providing fun and easy-to-use printable escape room games. Setting up our games is a breeze - all you need to do is print the documents and cut out the materials, and you'll be ready to go in no time! Plus, our games are incredibly adaptable, so you can customize them to suit the needs of your group.

While an internet connection is not required to play most of our games, some of our games may require it for clues, accessing additional materials, or checking the answers. But don't worry, we'll let you know if an internet connection is necessary before you make your purchase. Our games are designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of technical ability or experience.

Internet Connection

The game does not require an Internet connection throughout the game.

The game does not require an Internet connection to check the final answer.

Game Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Kind feedback, Excellent quality, What can I say more?


Digital download it was a fun game a little to easy for my super sleuths


My second purchase from them! I absolutely adore the thought and effort into this game - this has honestly made every Christmas party a blast. Thank you!

Lisa M

beautiful graphics, will purchase from this shop again.

Barry G

This is our 4th year purchasing a Mysterylocks escape printable for Christmas. Our family of 4….(kids are now 18&20)….enjoys it each year! Our Christmas morning wouldn't be the same without it. I think this was our favorite yet! You can spread the clues out over the 12 days of Christmas….use them as an Advent calendar…..or do in one sitting like we did.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have locks, chests, and props on hand. Can I integrate them into the experience?

Other stores do not offer refunds for digital items. Do you follow this policy as well?

I never played a real Escape Room. Will I be able to play?

Does the game need to end after 60 minutes?

How is the game delivered to me?