4th of July DIY Escape Room Kit

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Ready to try something new this Independence Day? We have the perfect activity for you and your family- a 4th of July Printable Escape Room.

With a ready-to-use escape room, we're here to guide you on how to make your Independence Day party memorable.

Why you can trust us:

We've been over 5 years in business - the pioneers of affordable printable escape rooms

We've sold over 28,000 games worldwide

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with an activity that's both fun and educational? This year, we've prepared a game that will entertain all generations, from young to young at heart.

The 4th of July Escape Room story goes like this. As a puzzle enthusiast, you are invited to unravel the hidden mysteries of the Statue of Liberty. Inside a secret room, you are about to unravel the greatest moments of American history.

Solve exciting puzzles and answer puzzling riddles. It's a fun and exciting journey towards liberty and freedom.

A family-friendly escape room

Every time we design a printable escape room, we try to balance out the difficulty level. Our goal is to make our DIY escape rooms enjoyable for everyone. After all, what better family activity than working on a puzzle game together?

Each escape room puzzle features steps that players of all ages can work on. From exploring the illustrated room to physically manipulating the three-dimensional elements. It’s all carefully designed to be the ultimate family escape room experience.

Image of children playing around a DIY Escape Room. The printable game is set-up at home, providing unforgettable memories for all ages.

What's included in the 4th of July Printable Escape Room Kit

detailed set-up instructions

40 individual game materials

13 themed envelopes

10 immersive story cards

10 strips of hints and solutions

3D game materials

large room illustration

completion certificate

13 ready-to-use envelopes

To ease out the setup, we’ve designed a special system that innovates the home escape room market.

Our 4th of July Escape Room Kit includes 13 themed envelopes serve not only as decorations but also as answer validators!

You’ll love our take on an Internet-free escape room!

As printing might be difficult for some, all 13 envelopes may be replaced with regular ones if needed. You have all the instructions you need within the escape room instructions.

The ten distinct 4th of July envelopes hide ten Independence Day escape room puzzles. Perfect to teach the history of The United States to everyone. This USA history game is a patriotic escape room that will sre create unforgettable memories.

10 Independence Day escape room puzzles

In unique MysteryLocks fashion, we’ve crafted ten escape room puzzles that perfectly fit the theme. From the patriotic The Star-Spangled Banner to the famous American apple pie, you’ll explore some iconic bits of American culture!

Solve fun escape room puzzles, decode secret messages, and explore the secret room inside the Statue of Liberty. Each puzzle reveals a code you can check yourself, Internet-free!

If you wish to design escape room puzzles yourself, feel free to check our complete guide on designing escape room puzzles!

10 Fourth of July story cards

Like the Independence Day Escape Room, our latest generation of games features story cards that tell the story of each puzzle.

No escape room puzzle comes out of nowhere! Everything is carefully connected, providing story elements that fully immerse players in the atmosphere.

Want to create your own story? Nothing easier! Write your own story cards and integrate the players, funny memories, or maybe your own one-of-a-kind writing masterpiece!

A DIY Independence Day Escape Room for families, providing an educational experience about the history of the 4th of July and its significance as Independence Day.

Add chests and locks to your game

The best advantage of home escape rooms is versatility. Want to turn your printable escape room into an immersive home adventure? Nothing easier! Replace the provided envelopes with four-digit numeric locks and you’re good to go.

Add 4th of July decorations

Family and friends enjoying a 4th of July party.

Setting the scene for the party is a fantastic activity in itself! After all, this is a DIY Escape Room. So it’s up to you to upgrade it!

Gather around your loved ones and decorate the party space accordingly. For a memorable 4th of July party, make sure to include:

Create anticipation for your party with digital 4th of July invitations! A modern alternative to paper invitations, surprise your guests and ease the planning proccess.process

How long does the game take?

We design all of our games for an average playtime of an hour. But that can greatly change how the game is actually played.

A party environment is usually not the most under-pressure setting. A small talk between puzzles, a fetch of drinks, or even small breaks may interrupt the game. But no need to worry about it! Unlike a real-life escape room, you’ll not be kicked out of the game after 60 minutes. Printable escape rooms for the win, right?

How many players can join the fun?

As you may have noticed, printable escape games are so versatile to use. And the number of players is no exception!

We believe that the ideal team size is four players. Why? Because a printable escape room requires physical manipulation of the game materials to solve the escape room puzzles.

Are five players too many? Of course not! But make sure you use a large surface area to play. Everyone should be able to touch and handle the escape room puzzles in order to solve them.

Have a larger group? Split it into teams! Compete with one another for escape, or play the 4th of July Escape Room one after the other.

Nothing gets destroyed while playing, so it’s perfectly reusable!

Got stuck? Use the hint strips!

Compared to other DIY escape rooms on the market, we eliminated the need for a game master for the 4th of July Printable Escape Room. The person setting the game up can also join the fun!

If players get stuck, they can directly access hints and solutions for each of the ten puzzles. Everything they need is included in the puzzle envelopes!

The perfect Internet-free escape room!

Our Independence Day Printable Escape Room features ten immersive escape room puzzles that teach on the history of 4th of July. With beautiful elements of The Statue of Liberty, the game provides unlimited fun for date nights and class activities.

Download our Independence Day Escape Room

Everything sounds so good, doesn’t it? We took the stress off your shoulders.

Now that you followed our tips, you're ready to host a fantastic Independence Day party! Add our 4th of July Escape Room to the mix, and you'll create memories your guests will cherish forever.

An easy-to-set-up DIY Escape Room that guarantees stress-free fun on Independence Day. We promise you an unforgettable time!

Robert-Stefan Butnarasu

Written by: Robert-Ștefan Butnarașu (co-founder)

MysteryLocks was founded in 2018 by two medical students who share a passion for puzzle games, escape rooms, and murder mysteries. With over 100 original game designs, MysteryLocks has become the place for immersive home escape rooms.

After over 26.000 games sold worldwide, their goal remains unchanged - spark mystery and laughter and continue innovating in the realm of home escape rooms.

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